A new trailer was released for The Showdown Effect, a multiplayer deathmatch game that parodies the many action-trope cliches from big Hollywood blockbusters. The newest trailer from Paradox Interactive's side-scrolling 3D shooter is a superbly choreographed collage of artistic destruction, appropriately named “Le Ballet of Death”.

The trailer is short and sweet and features the main characters from the game showcasing a variety of different weapons and moves as they attempt to thwart their opponents to achieve victory. Check it out below.

The game is available right now for pre-order either which comes jam-packed with beta access, a special character and a lightsaber. The game is also available as a Deluxe Edition, which comes along with additional skins, the soundtrack and a character, or as the normal version which is just normal.

The game has a strange kind of appeal to it that looks delectably fun for the taste-buds of enjoyment. However, I'm more curious about the longevity of the game and whether it can stand the test of time of being more than just a 10-minute filler of PvP action. Sadly, OGPlanet's Lost Saga kind of fell into that trap, despite the game's massive appeal, customization and deep potential.

You can learn more about The Showdown Effect, which is due out soon for PC by visiting the Official Website.

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