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Silent Hunter Online has begun taking applications for beta testing and, while the new Gamescom trailer doesn't let us know all that much about the game, we do get one very important piece of information: You're blowing things up while piloting a submarine. That's pretty much all you need to know to get excited, right?

Developer Blue Byte has put out the all call for new members of The Wolfpack, inviting everyone to check out Silent Hunter Online with the soon-to-launch beta. Here's that Gamescom trailer I was just babbling about.

You can apply for the beta by entering your email address at the Silent Hunter Online official website.

Being a strategy game, I'm not sure if you'll be able to actually blast torpedoes from a first-person perspective like that, but that sure would help sell me on the game. Otherwise, you're looking at a strategy combat game, which means you'll be facing missions with very specific circumstances, and then you and your buddies will need to coordinate and execute attacks in order to sink the enemy's dastardly plan.

There's no official release date for Silent Hunter Online just yet but, seeing as how the game is about to go into beta, here's hoping we're not too far out from blowing stuff up on the high seas. I call dibs on the Sean Connery accent!

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