Electronic Arts and Maxis released a new trailer shortly before CD Projekt stole the media buzz with their Cyberpunk 2077 teaser. Nevertheless, the new video for SimCity focuses on the game's intro, giving gamers a nice little look at what they can expect from the virtual city simulator.

To be frank, SimCity looks like an exceptionally intuitive and fun game. There's a lot of cool elements added for both casual,mid-core and hardcore gamers that I think makes it an easy sell to a broad audience, in a good way. The visuals, especially, have a great miniature-toy kind of feeling that gives it an aesthetic all its own and I love it. However...there's still that looming omen that will always hang over the service of SimCity known as always-on DRM, and it's the one thing that dampens the mood while watching the wonderful trailer below.

I find it funny that SimCity will be this year's Mass Effect 3 for Electronic Arts. I wonder if the ace-in-hole for the final fiscal quarter will pay off for them, though? They could have come out strong last year had they not botched the ending, but then again that would have required more development time and they would have missed the launch window, which would have seriously hurt the bottom line during that quarter and for the entire fiscal sheet.

I'm definitely curious if the always-on will backfire on EA with SimCity the way it did with Blizzard and Diablo III or will the company make take the necessary steps to get the game off the ground without a hitch?

You can look for SimCity to launch later this year on March 5th for PC.

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