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Over the weekend I thought Maxis did a great job of going at the problem day in and out, trying to resolve the issues created by always-on DRM. You see, the only reason this latest SimCity game had such a rocky start was because of the always-on DRM. Had the game not had any always-on DRM everyone would be playing and all the review scores would be peachy. However, the idiots at EA thought that by forcing everyone through their servers they could maximize profit and minimize loss via piracy. It all backfired.

As I mentioned, Maxis has been working really hard over the weekend to regain trust from gamers. They've been desperately trying to fix and recover the launch at all costs. They even went as far as to tweet that they would look into offlining SimCity if it meant gaining back the trust of the community, as noted by Bluesnews...
We have no intention of offlining SimCity any time soon but we'll look into that as part of our earning back your trust efforts.

Apparently after Lucy Bradshaw tried to combine that above tweet with the blog post to amicably restore peace between Maxis and gamers, someone at EA recognized that Maxis was actually on the road to redemption and decided to hold a gun to the Maxis employee running the Twitter account, and had them tweet the following...
The game was designed for MP, we sim the entire region on the server so this is just not possible

Oh that's very reassuring.

Thankfully the first response to that message from Keith Cavey is very reasonable and Keith makes a further point of noting that had the game not been laced with always-on DRM the game NEVER would have had the launch issues that it did.

It's the one thing to keep in mind about SimCity: No always-on DRM, no angry fans. No always-on DRM, no review bombing on Metacritic and Amazon. No always-on DRM and no reason to worry about review scores dropping on Polygon. No always-on DRM, no worries.

To follow up on this, even an EA employee was so disgusted with the way the company executives have been handling the matter, they took to Reddit to post a touching letter to gamers, consumers and other industry goers, which was somewhat confirmed as much as possible without giving away anyone's identity -- all of the EA employees noted that they didn't want their jobs put in jeopardy for being honest and used Gabrielle Toledano's email for International Women's Day as some form of proof (something only EA employees would know about). This exert from the letter speaks volumes...
You can’t even pretend that you didn’t know consumers would be angry about this. Common sense aside, consumers complained about this during your public betas. In fact, when one of them posted his criticisms on the forums, he was banned! You tried to silence your critics. The same thing is happening now as users write in to demand refunds. What part of this behavior aligns with our company value to Be Accountable?

It's very telling when your own employees see you as the douchebags that you are...and all you head honchos at EA should feel ashamed.
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