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The Sims Studio is preparing another expansion pack for The Sims 3. The Sims 3 Supernatural expansion will take the life simulator in a fantasy direction when it launches this September throughout the world.

Supernatural lets players create werewolves, fairies, witches and "more intriguing" vampires in the Create A Sim tool. You'll be able to specify all of their characteristics, including a werewolf's hairiness and the shape of a fairy's wings. Each type of supernatural being will have their own unique abilities and skills.

Players will also be able to cast spells or brew elixirs. The effects can be either negative or positive. For example, you can brew a potion that turns Sims into brain-eating zombies. Your concoctions can be shared with other friends who own The Sims 3.

The new town of Moonlight Falls ties the whole package together. A mysterious lunar circle creates new mysteries for players to explore. New objects like hidden lair entrances and magic mirrors will give your Sims' home the proper fantasy touch. Players will also be able to pursue careers as fortune tellers or alchemists.

This expansion isn't the first time that the Sims 3 has gone fantasy. For example, Sims 3 Late Night first introduced vampires to the game. That was only one small part of Late Night, though. Supernatural is a dedicated push to ensnare all of you Harry Potter, Twilight and (insert other fantasy franchise I'm not trendy enough to know yet) fans out there.

If you pre-order Sims 3 Supernatural, you'll be upgraded to a Limited Edition for no additional charge. This LE includes Plants vs. Zombies-themed content. You'll be able to fend off zombies attacking your home with a Pea Shooter. Furthermore, you can dress your Sims up to look like zombies.

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