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Apparently girl-girl in a video game is okay in Singapore, provided one of the participants is a female alien. According to the Strait Times, the Media Development Authority of Singapore ruled today that it would overturn the ban on Mass Effect it had announced on Thursday. Singapore had been the only country to ban BioWare’s sci-fi roleplaying game, set to be released for Xbox 360 next week.

The scene that caused the initial ban was a kiss between the main character (who the player could choose to be female) and an alien character with a female appearance. I assume it’s similar to the optional romantic subplots from Baldur’s Gate 2 or Knights of the Old Republic, though many other publications are reporting it as a “sex scene” (ah, journalism…it’s a big game of telephone). Singapore has a history of banning games that they deem too inappropriate for its population. Past bans include God of War 2 (for nudity) and The Darkness(for foul language and graphic violence).

The Board of Film Censors stated that it would implement a classification system for games in January. In the mean time would be judging games on a case-by-case basis in order to ”enable highly anticipated games to be launched in Singapore.” It has to be frustrating to gamers in Singapore to have games banned so inconsistently (Assassin’s Creed was released there this week without incident) but at least the government has given themselves a bit of wiggle room to allow quality games with a huge following like Mass Effect to be released. Ultimately, the worldwide press about this ban/unban is generating a lot of pre-release buzz for the game. Any guy who sees the headline “Singapore Bans Game for Lesbian Sex Scene” is probably going to be a bit curious about the game.