The upcoming game from Ironclad Games, Sins of a Dark Age, just received a handful of new screenshots. The game sports dynamic 3D environments, real-time strategic combat and team-based gameplay. The screenshots give gamers a brief look at some of the units and on-screen action.

Users recently asked the developers what the combat would be like specifically, closer to the likes of StarCraft 2 or maybe oriented around the numbers-game present in a strategy title like Age of Empires. The developers revealed that the game will utilize a bit of both styles of gameplay, saying...
Melee foot soldiers will destroy archers for example so that's more in the realm of "rock paper scissors" but those same melee foot soldiers, who aren't natural counters to a particular Hero, could be micro'd well enough that they manage to surround the Hero and beat him down.

The game's team-based functionality will also make it appealing for gamers who like commander-type strategy games such as StarCraft but also prefer the team-oriented interaction from MOBA-style games such as League of Legends. Sins of a Dark Age will be somewhat of a combination of both styles of play.

The free-to-play title is always looking for beta registrants and you can learn more about Ironclad's mixed-breed online game by paying a visit to the Official Website. And don't forget to check out the screenshots below.

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