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If you've already pre-ordered Big Robot's Sir, You Are Being Hunted then you're already eligible to partake in the upcoming private alpha test for those who pre-ordered the game. Exciting times for those taking the plunge on pre-orders, eh?

Rock, Paper, Shotgun sent out an update article on the status of the successfully Kickstarted game, which is being co-designed by RPS' own Jim Rossignol. The article notes that those who pre-order the game now will be eligible to partake in the game's private alpha test, which gets underway two weeks from now on August 19th.

As noted in the lengthy update article...
On August 19th the game will appear on Humble Store and Steam. Anyone who backed the Kickstarter or pre-ordered will instantly get the game at that point. Anyone who buys the game on Steam or Humble store will get immediate access from that date. They will also get all future updates of the game, of which there will be quite a few.

This is great news for people who pre-order because unlike console games you're actually getting something in return before the final release of the game.

As many of you know, the standard thing in the console ring is that you pre-order early (sometimes putting down the full price of the game before it releases) and then you end up with a game that may or may not be any good. It's like going on a blind date: you don't know if you'll end up with someone hot, someone horny, someone crazy or some 48 Hours-ready killer who will make you famous for all the wrong reasons. Pre-ordering on consoles is just about equivalent to that minus the ability to get killed... or worse.

Now with PC, things have slowly been evolving to a point of near perfection. Pre-ordering now offers you insight into the actual development of the game – you get an idea of what you're buying before it releases and you get to see how it all unfolds from pre-alpha to “going gold”. What's more is that some developers have any taken the opportunity to use the pre-order stage as a way to reach out and connect with fans. The idea of using pre-orders to open up discussions on forum boards and community portals to discuss the development of the game is a great way to further bridge the relationship between the developer and the gamer.

Coming full circle with Sir, You Are Being Hunted... the game will be available for play starting August 19th, and then you'll be able to eat all the biscuits and crumpets that your digital heart could possibly desire.

For more information just check out the dissertation-sized write-up over on Rock, Paper, Shotgun. We'll keep you posted on when the game will actually go live. In the meantime, check out the latest video of the game in action.

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