We haven't heard much about Sir, You Are Being Hunted for a time, but thankfully the game is back in the spotlight and offering gamers a nice glimpse at the upcoming open-world, tweedpunk survival game set within the moors of the British countryside.

The gameplay is streamlined quite nicely to be such a small title from such a small team of designers. The game itself is being headed up by a native writer for Rock, Paper, Shotgun and the gameplay mechanics are very similar to other survival games out there such as DayZ or Xsyon.

You'll need to eat, drink and occasionally take a breather while tweedpunk robots hunt you down using their trained dogs and Victorian-era weapons. It's a cool little project that could really help fill out the emergent survival sub-genre currently picking up steam in the indie scene.

I find it odd that mainstream gaming still hasn't picked up on this style of gameplay and would rather focus so heavily on the save-a-checkpoint-every-five-seconds style of play over the more thought-provoking and challenging mechanics offered in these recent and upcoming indie titles, such as Don't Starve or the gorgeously designed and beautifully moving Miasmata.

You can head on over to the official website to learn more about the indie survival title, Sir, You Are Being Hunted.

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