Dragonborn, the latest expansion for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has been added to the Steam catalog. It's not available to play just yet but PC gamers can at least pre-purchase the DLC.

In Dragonborn, players travel to the island of Solstheim. Solstheim is located between the provinces of Morrowind and Skyrim and as a result is inhabited by both Dunmer and Nords. The island is also home to a mysterious cult that wants the player dead. Players must put a stop to this new threat before it takes over the entire island.

The DLC isn't completely linear, though. Players can freely explore the island if they wish. Dungeons, side quests and hordes of monsters await them. They'll encounter werebears, ashspawn and other never-before-seen foes. Maybe the hours of optional content will be enough to justify the $20 price tag to players.

By the end of Dragonborn, your character should be a lot stronger. You'll find a new shout called Dragon Aspect that enhances your other abilities. Additionally, a new Daedric realm will offer you modifications to your existing shouts. The island is also littered with new equipment, including Bonemold armor and Stalhrim weapons.

There's no apparent advantage to pre-purchasing. You're not getting a discount for doing so and it's not like they're going to run out of electronic copies of the DLC. It's possible that pre-purchase customers will be able to download the files before the content actually goes live, though. That's not an insignificant perk, as the content was at least 700 MB on Xbox 360.

Dragonborn will be available on the PC starting on February 5th. The add-on's PS3 release will follow later in the month.

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