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A new live-action promotional trailer for Slender has managed to find its way online thanks to YouTube channel Jurassic Junkie [via Kotaku]. The trailer is short and sweet and gives gamers a real-life depiction of exactly what the Slender game is all about.

Slender recently started making waves when a series of YouTube videos surfaced and hit it big in the inner circles of the core gaming community. Gamers eventually started talking about the scariest games they've played and both Amnesia and Slender kept finding their way into the conversation. Eventually the game developed its own niche community much like DayZ and now a live-action trailer has surfaced to further help promote the game. Check it out below.

As advertised in the trailer, the website for the game hosts some fansite propeties for gamers to pickle around with but it's not the official Slender website. The game itself has almost become as much a myth as the myth of the Slender Man, which is kind of funny.

You can still grab a copy of the game from a few third-party file-sharing websites, such as Media Fire. The fansite is still up and if you want to join in on the discussion of Slender and keep the Slender Man myth alive, feel free to visit the Unofficial Slender Game Website.

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