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Slender Has Gamers Asking Who Is The Slender Man?

An indie game has been making its way around the underground gaming scene, scaring the living brownies out of people and causing some gamers to scream out like their gonads were pinched in a box of zero degree vice grips. The name of the game? Slender.

So what is Slender and who is the Slender Man? Well, it started as part of an urban myth on a forum board, according to a post on Reddit, it eventually developed into its own meme. But that in itself is part of the Arcanum that makes up for a lot of internet myths, lies and memes.

The ascending spiral of popularity surrounding the Slender Man and the game Slender finally piqued the interest of a writer at IGN who managed to do a small piece about the game from Parsec Productions. The website has been bombarded since due to the underground myth finally digging its way to the main ground. Quite naturally, now everyone wants to know what all the fuss is about regarding the game Slender. You can check out some video footage of Slender here.

The objective in the game as outlined in the video is pretty simple: Collect eight pages.

The trick is that Slender Man chases you and only stops when you look at him. However, looking at the Slender Man for too long will cause you to die, as apparently he uses his mind-bending powers to melt your eye-sockets and fill your mind's eye with rabbit-ear quality TV static.

Many gamers have compared Slender to Frictional Games' Amnesia: The Dark Descent, both games play on the player's fears and deep rooted anticipation for some fictional impending doom. Both games are scary in their own right and they definitely handle the aspects of horror and survival the way a horror-survival game should.

Slender's atmosphere, ambiance and soundscape are impeccably well done and anyone looking for a game that will either force you to jump out of your seat, yelp in fright or cause you change your undergarments more than once, will probably want to give Slender a bit of a try. Unfortunately the official Parsec Productions website no longer has the link available, but there's another option...the equally horrifying solution called Media Fire. Download at your own risk, play if you dare.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.