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After making its daring and sharp-as-a-razor debut for the iPad in full-on HD to critical success, TwitchGames has decided to take the popular finger-cutting puzzle game, Slice, to the next platform over in the iOS family…the iPhone.

As stated in the press release…
Playing Slice on the iPhone offers players an innovative use of the touch screen that creates a challenging experience but also uniquely allows thrilling gameplay requiring dual hands-on experience on a single iPhone screen (think Twister meets Operation with an edge…a bloody edge!).

The game is played by removing bladed objects from specific paths in order to activate a button or device. The game gets increasingly difficult as players have to hold, pull back or remove certain amounts of blades in order to access the little red button. It’s a challenging game that takes a twist on the classic puzzle genre.

You can check out a trailer for Slice HD right here, to purchase Slice SD for the iPhone be sure to head on over to the Apple App Store.

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