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If you're planning on getting into the design field and you have all these crazy-cool ideas, there are a few things you'll need: A design engine, modeling software and an asset management suite. The first two are pretty easy to get your hands on, but the third can become a bit tricky, unless you decide to use TACTIC from Southpaw Technology.

TACTIC Team is a desktop asset management utility used for managing resources and production assets for medium to large-scale projects. Some of the customers of Southpaw include Toonbox Entertainment, Nissan, Turbine, Legend3D and lots more. Southpaw making the desktop version of TACTIC available in open-source for any and everybody would easily help in the game design field when working with engines that may not support proper asset management or resource allocation productivity.

Gary Mundell, CEO of Southpaw Technology commented in the press release, stating...
“TACTIC is now being used across multiple industries, where every company has its own unique workflow, and needs a foundational product like ours to streamline that workflow. We are aware that removing the restrictive licensing fees is a win-win for everyone. Without upfront costs, customers can gain access to a very mature and very flexible production asset management solution that they can adapt to their internal toolset and processes, without any restrictions. And if those companies need assistance, they can come to the TACTIC experts, us.”

For the now, the open-source desktop version of the TACTIC software is available for free right now. For project designers looking for a little extra support for the task at hand, the TACTIC Enterprise edition is also available (although that sucker ain't free) and it comes with complete support from the Southpaw team.

If you're curious how the whole thing works, Southpaw tossed up a couple of tutorial videos to help newbies and veterans alike get acquainted with the software. You can learn more by paying a visit to the Official Southpaw Technology Website.

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