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Have you ever wanted to trudge through mud, climb a hill with a big truck and feel like a boss while doing it? Well, you'll probably like the game Spintires from Oovee Game Studios. It's an outdoors vehicle driving simulator that makes some major breakthroughs in physics-based road interaction.

It's a great looking game that takes on an interactive goal that hasn't been done in any game out there ever. Why? Because it's the first game to properly use deformation-based terrain physics. Yes, terrain physics.

The heavier the truck the more it slogs through the mud. Getting stuck is a real possibility and using the vehicle's weight, traction and multiple axles all play a part in how you overcome the land-based obstacles.

It's such an unique ambitious title and the VeeEngine really helps bring a whole new scope to interactive driving simulators and the possibilities therein. As noted on DSO Gaming, you can outfit and customize your truck that will affect the way it behaves across various surfaces and this, in turn, will determine your success on a given task.

I would really love to see soft-body vehicular deformation combined with this kind of physics-based road terrain. Can you imagine stealing a car, driving it offroad and then trying to trudge through mud only to slam into a tree and get ejected through the windshield as hard as Rockhold got royally kicked by Belfort on UFC? Maybe we'll get that in GTA 6?

If you like what OoVee is selling and want to see the evolution of vehicular-based road simulators, this is a great place to start. Don't think of it as buying an early copy or helping an indie dev out, think of it as investing into the future of interactive entertainment.

You can learn more by paying a visit to the official Kickstarter page or download the free demo to test out the game for yourself.

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