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Spore On Steam Has No SecuROM

Earlier today Valve announced that EA was bringing several of its games to Steam. That's nice news by itself but there's a more subtle side effect: you can now buy Spore without having to deal with SecuROM.

A moderator on the Steam forums has stated that Spore does not come with any copy protection besides Steam itself. That means there's no install limits for the game. Once you buy Spore over Steam, you can play it on any computer that has the Steam client and an Internet connection.

The moderator specifically mentioned Spore but it's possible this extends to other EA games that used SecuROM as well (like Mass Effect). If a game on Steam uses third-party DRM, it's supposed to be mentioned on the product page.

It seems EA has had a Christmas Carol-like change of heart with DRM this week. Yesterday they released a re-authorization tool to allow you to switch your authorized installs for Spore to different computers (effectively removing the install limit for boxed copies). War's over, gents. You don't have to drive down Spore's user score on anymore.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.