If you've been following Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries as they've been trekking through the financial trenches of crowd-funding to unforeseen heights, then you're undoubtedly not shocked at all that the Star Citizen developers have managed to set a Guinness World Record as the largest crowd-funded project of all time.

Blues spotted the news over on the official Roberts Space Industries website where Chris Roberts, the chairman, dropped some information bombs on the community regarding the monumental achievement of hitting $55 million in crowd-funding, but also details how they continue to plan to roll out new content and keep their backers entertained as they slowly creep toward release, writing...
“I know some people are afraid of “feature creep” and the game never being finished as we keep adding functionality and content to the mix with increased funding. I would say that this would be fair criticism if we were delivering this game at retail and on disc. However, we are online and already pushing out builds, well before Star Citizen reaches what anyone would consider a “finished” stage. Just because we haven’t implemented a planned feature or built a certain asset yet doesn’t prevent us from sharing the game with everyone right now. It’s this evolved process which gives us the Hangar and Arena Commander and so many modules yet to come. We’re sharing the game as it’s being built and it’s an amazing opportunity for everyone who has backed, to have input on the direction the game is going.“

To be completely honest, this is one of the few games where “feature creep” actually makes me more excited for it. Instead of just getting another standard-fare space simulator, we have a really detailed and ever-expanding base for what's aiming to be one of the most detailed and feature-rich simulators ever made.

One of the things that really stands out is how there's a seamless transition from the first-person combat to the space ship flight systems. You can get up from out of the cockpit and explore the ship, head down to the gunner bays or check out other parts of a ship in a free-form way. Even more than that is the ability to damage specific ship sections that requires players to shut off vital ship systems within those areas, to keep the entire vessel from being compromised. Star Citizen is extremely detailed in the way it functions and it has graphics to match the depth of its simulation-oriented mechanics.

Recently, RSI released the Arena Commander mode for Star Citizen that sees players partaking in the ability to dogfight as well as a race each other in the game's multiple game modes. You can check out the race mode in the video below, courtesy of YouTuber Quicksh0tHD.

What's amazing is that the graphics there are all in-game. As amazing as that looks and even though it seems like you're looking at a CGI sequence, those are all in-game assets built on the power of the CryEngine.
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