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Robert Space Industries is proud to announce today that they have succeeded in accruing more than $20 million in crowd-sourced funding from the gaming community without any help from an established publisher. Congratulation gamers, you're now going to be treated to some planetside-FPS combat in Star Citizen.

Unlike some games where a bigger budget simply means a more expensive Hollywood voice actor is joining the cast, Star Citizen's budget actually affects the features and the expanse of those features in the development process, enabling gamers to get more out of the title as crowd funding continues to rack up some impressive numbers.

As noted on Rock, Paper, Shotgun... head honcho Chris Roberts took to the blogs to address the citizens of the digital stars and let them know what's what by saying...
“First person combat on select lawless planets. Don’t just battle on space stations and platforms… take the fight to the ground! What this means is that we’re expanding the FPS mechanic we’ve already created for the ship boarding system to apply to more areas of the game. Join an ongoing battle on a contested world, launch an attack on a pirate base, come to the rescue of distant colonists and fend off Vanduul raiders… the possibilities are endless.”

Some gamers worried about “feature-creep” becoming a dangerous precedent in the crowd-funding endeavors of Star Citizen, however Roberts assures gamers that this is not the case, mostly because first-person combat is already in Star Citizen. In fact, making Star Citizen a space game was a farther divergence from the CryEngine 3 than the first-person combat that's already built into the engine. Yes, first-person combat is already built into the engine so every CryEngine game can be an FPS. Epic has the Unreal Engine setup the exact same way.

The only thing that the additional funds add to the game's FPS combat are new locations, which is planet-based. The team will need to allocate resources to roll out various environments and scenarios that are exotic or tame but wholly representative of the planet that the player is on when the FPS combat gets underway.

The one feature I'm hoping the game has is ship-based collisions. We don't hear about it often but physics-based ship collisions would be amazing. I wasn't really thinking about it before until I saw the promotional trailer for the upcoming early-access game on Steam called Space Engineers. Check out the trailer below to see how the physics-based collisions work in the space title.

Now I'm not really familiar with the physics systems of CryEngine 3, so I have no idea how doable such a feature would be, but oh man would it be awesome seeing a capital ship crash into a space station and watch the sparks fly... along with personnel.

You can learn more about Star Citizen by paying a visit to the official Robert Space Industries website. Backers are able to play-test the hangar module right now, and the dogfight module will be arriving soon.

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