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A bunch of games running on the CryEngine 3 have been showcased at this year's Game Developer's Conference. The good news is that you get to see a whole bunch of pretty games in the new trailer, but the bad news is that you probably never heard of all but a few of the games showcased.

Outside of Star Citizen other than the MMOs like Archeage and Cabal 2, everything else was mostly new to me. Some of those games looked kind of righteous but, again, I had no idea they even existed, like Xaviant's Lichdom? What the heck is that and where did it come from? That's not to say that it didn't look pretty cool because it did look pretty cool, sort of like a non glitchy version of Skyrim.

It's about time, though, that Crytek at least start taking the competition between engine licensees important. For the longest we've only been seeing games, tech demos and middleware demonstrations revolving around Crytek's arch-rival, Epic Games and their Unreal Engine. It looks like Crytek is finally nudging back with a “Hey, we can do that, too!” promotional campaign.

I'd love to see more Crytek tech demos showcasing rival, similar or advanced design, rendering and pipeline techniques that the CryEngine has in comparison to the Unreal Engine. Maybe as Crytek pushes for more studios to grab up their SDK and more companies start designing with the CryEngine we'll see a much bigger presence of the engine in the public design scene.

You can learn more about Crytek and the CryEngine 3 by visiting the Official Website.