A short while ago we wrote about the crowd-funding goals for Star Citizen – how the game would toss in more, and more, and more as it reached new financial heights with its development budget. Well, the game has officially surpassed the $14 million mark and the capital destroyer class is now a go.

It was just two weeks ago that Star Citizen was trying to hit that coveted $13 million mark and now they're gunning for $15 million, where an escort carrier class will be in the works, according to a report from DualShockers.

Expanding the amount of ship classes and customization features will be amazing. This game has also already picked up a meta-community and it's not even out yet. Yes, some dodgy members of the 4Chan community are planning on doling out some internet justice against high-rolling backers of Star Citizen to gang-gank their $1,000 real-money space ships, as a way of showing that the pauper players can still administer butt kickings of epic proportions.

Anyway, economic class diversity and the fight for proletariat recognition aside, Star Citizen is the sort of game that really hammers in the point of being an expansive space frontier simulator. The economy video above gives gamers a very detailed and systematic approach to how the team will be addressing dynamic mission progression and organic mission growth based on actions taken (or not taken) by players and NPCs.

I still think the most thrilling aspects of the game will be with the escort missions, the cargo transport missions and the space pirates who will try to pilfer the goods for themselves on popular trade routes. Also, trying to establish dominance by simply buying a big ship is not how the game works, considering that larger space craft will require more man-power.

As showcased in the video below, just because you're in possession of a capital ship or a star destroyer doesn't mean you go around terrorizing planets. You'll need a full crew and support staff to make your ship operate with 100% functionality. The game will require lots of teamwork and strategic-minded gameplay efforts from players in order to make the most use of the larger, more dominating space craft and I love that.

Star Citizen is still on its way towards the $20 million dollar crowd-funding goal and they still need your help to get there. This has already effectively become the first independent AAA blockbuster game fully funded by the gaming community and made strictly for the gaming community. If Chris Roberts and crew can hit that $20 million dollar barrier they will have reached the same budgetary margins and production funds as Sony and Naughty Dog's Uncharted games. Mind blowing.

You can learn more about Star Citizen by paying a visit to the game's official website.

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