Star Prospector Now Available On GameStop's Impulse

While 2K Games' president thinks that strategy games just aren't very trendy these days and that all the rage surrounds the FPS genre (even though technically all the rage basically just surrounds Call of Duty) there are some developers out there who are willing to evolve the strategy genre as they see fit, and one of those developers happens to be Crypstone Games.

They recently announced that their single-player RTS, Star Prospector, is currently available right now for digital download on PC via GameStop's Impulse digital distribution service.

Mark McGrevy, Founder of Cryptstone Games commented in the press release, saying...

"Star Prospector was designed with single-player in mind from the start. There are many great multiplayer RTS games available, but I also enjoy single player games and I wanted to create an RTS that incorporated my favourite features from RPG games like loot drops, inventory, experience, and skill points, to create something unique."

Players will take control of a single miner, constructor and combat prospector as he ventures across the galaxy, salvaging resources from hostile planets all while trying to make a buck or two. The game's highlight resides in the 100 randomly generated missions, which are bound to keep gamers busy for quite some time.

If you were looking for more games like StarCraft or Command & Conquer then you'll definitely want to check out Star Prospector, especially given that the game launched at the budget price of $19.99.You can check out a list of features below or visit the Official Website to learn more.

Game Features:

- 100 randomly generated and story centric missions

- Using a random seed, Star Prospector creates a unique galaxy with every new player profile

- The game offers a number of diverse mission types to complete across multiple environments, resulting in a wide variety of gameplay scenarios.

An RTS game with RPG elements:

- Earn experience, skill points, and credits from missions to purchase units, upgrades, and weapons

- Manage your units and resources. Gain combat experience and level-up your units within each mission. Upgrade unit shields, armor, damage, and other attributes

- Collect loot from enemies and use your rig to salvage wreckage for unique items

- Outfit your Rig with a vast array of weapons, modules, and items to boost your stats.

Player driven experience:

- Complete player driven experience where you choose how and where to spend your resources, and employ your own unique strategy for success in missions

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.