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Blizzard has unveiled the opening CGI video for StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm. The cinematic shows the Zerg Swarm invading a Terran Dominion world and causing quite a mess.

What I love about the trailer is how closely it resembles the actual SC2 gameplay. Obviously the visuals are much sharper here but all of the Zerg and Terran forces depicted are actual in-game units. They behave as they do in the game as well. The tanks go into "siege mode" to create a defensive line and a Viking switches from air to land mode to (unsuccessfully) stop an Ultralisk.

Kerrigan herself is leading the swarm in this attack. However, the scene abruptly changes when she wakes up. She finds herself in a Terran lab, looking rather human. It's the point where StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty's campaign ends and where Heart of the Swarm's campaign will begin.

In time, Kerrigan will be able to live out her dream. In the Swarm campaign, she regains control of her swarm. Then she sets out to get revenge against Dominion leader Arcturus Mengsk.

Swarm will launch worldwide on March 12th.