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This weekend Blizzard revealed that they're teaming up with USAopoly to create two boardgames. Monopoly: World of Warcraft and RISK: StarCraft will both arrive later this year throughout North America.

In Monopoly: WoW, players compete to control all of Azeroth. The real estate up for grabs includes iconic locations like the Swamp of Sorrows and Twilight Highlands. As with any Monopoly game, players will buy and sell real estate until they've wiped out all opposition. It's priced at $39.95.

"We’re holding a poll on Facebook right now where you can vote on which player pieces will make it into the final Monopoly: World of Warcraft board game!" said Blizzard. "Ten options, including Murky, Chen’s Keg, Mechagnome, and a Spellbook are present, and the six most popular pieces will be represented in the game when it launches this May."

In RISK: StarCraft, players can take on the role of the Terran, Protoss or Zerg race in a bid to take over the Koprulu Sector. The game features six unique heroes and 290 custom game pieces. It can be played in three different modes. Look for it to hit stores this summer for $49.45.

Teaser photos for both of the games are below.

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