StarDrive, the crowd-funded 4x strategy game from Zero Sum Games, has officially launched on Steam, currently going for a discounted 10 percent off the regular price and available for a limited time at $26.99.

Following a massive beta back in March, Zero Sum Games has now released its latest strategy title, StarDrive on Steam, giving players a chance to experience galactic conquest on a huge scale, complete with a “strong emphasis on ship design and combat,” according to a statement from publisher Iceberg Interactive.

Now that StarDrive has blasted off on Steam, the digital release of the game will continue across other digital games portals on April 29.

“We have been overwhelmed by the volume of pre-orders and buzz around the beta release, which goes to show how much 4x fans have been craving a title such as StarDrive to fulfill their ultimate 4x dream,” said Iceberg CEO, Daniel DiCicco. “After many months of developer dedication, QA and community input, we are now extremely happy to deliver the final product to market. StarDrive is going to be a living thing, that we are committed to keep fueling with support, updates and upgrades.”

In StarDrive, the player begins their intergalactic mission with just a single planet and a small fleet of ships. From there, you'll build up resources, expand your military might and branch out into the stars, conquering new planets along the way by any means you deem necessary, whether it be diplomacy or brute force.

If that sounds like a grand ole' time, then you can check out StarDrive on Steam right now for $26.99.

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