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For some reasons there's a lot of doom and gloom talk surrounding StarForge, the independent, open-world, procedurally generated action survival game from CodeHatch. Well, just prove the naysayers wrong, the developers released a massive update for the game, making it known that the project is still alive and well and that it isn't the sort of Kickstarter scheme that some forum members would lead people to believe.

The update went into effect oh-so-recently and it was accompanied by a rather lengthy post over on the Steam Community page to inform die-hard fans and unsuspecting gamers about what's new and what's improved with StarForge.

The game has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the crowd-source scene back in 2012. The game graduated into Steam's Greenlight service and then exited that little speed bump with flying colors. Eventually StarForge ended up on Steam as an Early Access title, which is where a lot of the complaints and grumblings came into play, as a lot of gamer just have no idea what an undertaking it is to design an open-world, procedurally generated action title with vehicles, randomized weapons and customization, as well as dedicated multiplayer support. I mean, we don't even get that kind of stuff from AAA games!

Nevertheless, CodeHatch's latest update addresses some of the complaints that gamers have had about the title, including adding in more randomized mission areas, such as downed ships that you have to dig around in order to enter. Check it out in the screenshot below.

In addition to crashed ships, the team also fixed up the game's ironsights for better gun combat. They added more customizable armor pieces. They added dedicated servers for up to 16 players. 64-bit support has been rolled out and loot zones have been introduced into the game, so you'll be able to journey around the world and find more and better gear just by exploring, either by yourself or with a group of friends.

To commemorate the massive 300mb+ update, CodeHatch unleashed a new in-game promo trailer to show off some of the new features. Check it out below.

The team also implemented craftable player armor, in case you missed it before. You can check out the full list of the patch notes over on the official website. StarForge is now in beta and still making headway toward a more finished state. You can pick up a copy of the game while it's in Early Access.

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