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From one of the designers of Terraria comes the next step in 2D terraforming called Starbound. The game that's basically Terraria in space. The game sports a dynamic character customization feature, lots of procedurally generated environments to explore and tons of multiplayer mayhem for some intense role-playing action.

Much like its direct rival Edge of Space from Handyman Studios, Starbound focuses on an ever-changing, dynamic world to bring the game to life. Players will be able to build forts, research centers, labs, medical bays and more as they attempt to discover the uncharted territories of space and reach for the stars.

The game hasn't been in the media circles all that often for some reason. The last bit of news we heard about Starbound was a brief design diary that floated well under the radar. There was also this water trailer from so many months ago.

Anyway, while we haven't heard a lot about Starbound in mainstream gaming media circles, the game is shaping up to be one of the most original and cool side-scrolling titles out there. It seems like a a more exploration focused and deliberately less action-oriented version of Edge of Space. The pre-order for the game grants you access to two soundtracks, the game and a lot of hipster points from the indie community.

You can learn more about Starbound by paying a kind visit to the game's official website.