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Starbound, often hailed as the spiritual successor to Terraria, is one of the most compelling indie games that isn't out yet. I can't wait to play this game as it encompasses so many of the awesome features that we love from emergent survival games. Well, one feature many gamers probably didn't know about was the music crafting or music playing, which you can see in the latest developer video.

That's three minutes and 13 seconds of your life you won't get back... for better or for worse. The thing to take away from this, however, is that this applies to the online portion of the game as well. One of the users over on Reddit made a very pertinent post to further explain this feature, noting that...
Bart, one of the developers, has been working on a secret feature (think Google's 20% rule) which allows you to play ABC format files. The game also synchronises the instruments, so they'll all theoretically play at the same time, no matter how bad the lag/pings are.

There are already 20 instruments in the game with more on the way; improved animations and synchronization is also inbound.

This is a pretty awesome feature, to be completely honest. It's not often games promote this kind of musical ingenuity – I think Mabinogi and APB: Reloaded are some of the few games that allow for custom song creation via a shared online hub – but it's good to see this kind of thing really branching out and making the rounds in the gaming arena. Music is a big part to games and it's going to be a cool thing seeing how this plays out in the case of Starbound (assuming they don't start getting hit with lawsuits and DMCA notices from SME).

Now, if the whole music thing isn't to your liking, please stick around because there's another video you may or may not have seen that is absolutely and unabashedly engaging. It's not very fast paced but it gets it done nonetheless, showcasing a lot of the game's weapons, combat and the physics-system.

Starbound essentially has an improved physics setup of Terraria – but the thing that is most impressive is the fact that it has dynamic lighting. How cool is it that you can scour through dark environments using a flashlight? Shades of Doom 3's co-op comes to mind. Yes there are light sources in other 2D games, but I think it's done superbly in Starbound. I haven't made it far enough into Edge of Space to make a fair comparison, but I think both games are shaping up to be some exciting titles in the emergent 2D survival space.

You can learn more about Starbound by paying a visit to the game's official website. As of this moment, you can buy into early-access for Edge of Space, which is available on Desura and Steam right now.

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