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Since it looks like Warcraft IV won't be in the works anytime soon, some modders took it upon themselves to work on an unofficial sequel to Warcraft III using StarCraft II as a base in which the total conversion mod is based. The project seems to be coming along nicely and they even have some footage available.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a bit of rundown of the history of the mod as well as the stop and go development cycle the total conversion went through, starting in 2010 and ending in 2011 and then a new team picking up the pieces and again and getting back to work. You can see whether or not the progress, work ethic and dedication has paid off with the new pre-alpha video below. Check it out.

Not bad, not bad.

It's impressive how much they managed to get done and keep the feeling of WarCraft...save for the fact that the color grading still kind of reeked of StarCraft II. Still, having the units, skills and themes of Warcraft reimagined into a sequel for a game that doesn't officially exist is quite impressive.

I'm curious if Blizzard will let this continue on or if they'll drop a banhammer at some point? Modders taking liberties with established brands is nothing new but we're in the age of the DMCA and copyright material whether employed under Fair Use terms or not have been getting hit with shutdown notices left and right.