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Stardock CEO and president Brad Wardell believes that digital game store Impulse is in good hands with its new owner-to-be GameStop. He predicts that the GameStop-run Impulse will be able to unseat Steam, the current top dog in the digital PC gaming market.

"I think GameStop's going to beat Steam, and I'll tell you why," Ward said in PC World interview. "One of the things that we do in our surveys is ask, why do you buy from Steam versus Impulse versus whatever. Over 80 percent who respond say 'price'."

"Now I can't speak for GameStop, but I know what I would do. Next time you buy something from GameStop for your Xbox 360, I'd give you some token you could use on Impulse toward a deal or sale on some other title. Pretty soon everything on Impulse is cheaper."

GameStop announced its acquisition of Impulse from Stardock last week. The deal is expected to be finalized by May. Impulse will be fully integrated with GameStop's website in a matter of months.