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Adeno, the gamer who created a George Romero mod for Dead Island as well as Dead Island: Riptide, is turning his sights to State of Decay. He's developed a new George Romero mod for the PC version of the open-world zombie game.

State of Decay's common zombies are the fast 28 Days Later variety. However, with this mod, you have the option to change their speed. As you can see in the video below, they can be slowed down to a more Romero-like pace.

To make sure these slow-ass zombies are still a threat, the mod increases the overall amount of undead in the game. They're also more sensitive to sound. The new "Deadlight" feature causes them to come running if they hear your flashlight turn on or off. You can keep the zombie population under control by building more outposts; the mod will allow you to build up to 18.

One feature I'm not too thrilled about in the mod is that it lets you turn off vehicle damage for ramming zombies. As any State of Decay player knows, cars are pretty much the trump card in the game. You can wipe out packs of zombies at once by running them over. The wear-and-tear on cars is the only way to balance out their destructive power. Still, the mod merely gives you the option to turn off collision damage so you don't need to use that feature if you want the other aspects of the mod.

Adeno admits there are still some rough edges to the mod. Some zombies are animating incorrectly at a great distance. He says that the mod might not work properly when running alongside other mods or could cause crashes. It's recommended that you start using the Romero mod after you've completed the introductory mission and reached the church. Otherwise, vehicles might disappear from the world altogether.

State of Decay was released on Steam Early Access in September. Developer Undead Labs updated the original Xbox 360 version with better framerates and a higher resolution. They're working to add mouse-and-keyboard support (it's gamepad-only at the moment) and squash a few bugs before they officially release the game later this year.

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