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The new and yet-to-be-proven-to-be-improved Steam autumn sale is now live. The new change has gone underway by Valve and developers and publishers from the indie ranks to the AAA colonnades have made it known that their games are currently up and available for purchase at greatly discounted rates.

PC Gamer did a brief summary on the autumn sale, which is dubbed the “Exploration Sale”. The idea is that gamers can get their hands on some of the best, newest and brightest titles available on Steam for dirt cheap.

As the headline image shows you can grab Ori and the Blind Forest for 40% off for only $11.99. Each episode of Dontnod Entertainment's Life is Strange is also discounted down to only $2.49 for each episode. So you can get the whole first season at 50% off.

Darkest Dungeon makes the front page of Steam's first full day of the autumn sale, carrying a 40% off tag for only $11.99. Cities Skylines is also discounted by 50% off down to only $14.99.

Various franchises are also bundled together and discounted, such as Fallout carrying discounts as low as 66% and as high as 75%. Company of Heroes has a 75% discount on the franchise, along with the Tom Clancy franchise... but some of the games are only discounted by 50% as well.

Both Bound by Flame and the HyperDimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 games are discounted by 80%, so you can get them for only $5.99.

Fan-favorite titles that were crowd-funded by the gaming community like Spintires and Shadowrun Hong Kong are also discounted by 50%, along with games like The Crew and Assetto Corsa.

Top new games like The Witcher 3 also make the cut, being discounted by 50%, which is surprising. GTA V has a shocking 40% discount and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is actually discounted by 17%. It's surprising seeing Activision's latest first-person shooter on the list given that it just came out. Bethesda may have discounted many of their other franchises and games but Fallout 4 hasn't been touched. Unsurprisingly enough, Fallout 4 is still one of the most popular games being sold during the Steam sale even though it's not discounted.

Another heavy hitter, Ark: Survival Evolved is discounted by 40%. Last time the game managed to be the biggest seller during Steam's last summer sale so we'll see how well it stacks up competing against heavyweights like Black Ops 3 and Fallout 4.

Unlike previous sales this newest one won't have flash sales or daily sales. So whatever the price is of the game during this Steam sale is what it'll stay at up until December 1st.

This is a massive departure from Valve's usual method for their seasonal sales, where they fluctuate with flash sales to keep gamers on their toes and force them to keep checking in. With this new sale method gamers will just check in once to see if a game they want is discounted and then opt to purchase it or not if the discount is deep enough.

You can learn more about which games are on sale or scroll through more than 8,000 titles to see if anything you like is at a price that suits your wallet, by visiting the official Steam store page.