Valve has announced that the Steam Controller’s June update packs a lot of nifty new features into the unconventional game pad, including more options than ever to fine-tune inputs to your liking.

You only need to look at the Steam Controller to know that it isn’t like your typical game pad. One of the spots traditionally reserved for a thumbstick and another for the D-pad have been replaced by inventive trackpads. The face buttons have been shifted, too, and the trigger placement is a bit unique. Still, plenty of people are picking them up and taking them for a spin, as Valve announced recently that the Steam Controller has moved more than half a million units.

To celebrate that success, the dev team continues to support the device with regular updates, including this June patch that not only lets players take on more games straight out of the box with pre-made control schemes, but also allows you to finagle the controls to your liking in more ways than ever before.

For starters, the announcement states that the Steam Controller now offers a unified experience between devices, allowing you to configure the device from your desktop and have those changes work across non-Steam programs as well.

Another big change is what the team is referring to as “uninterrupted action.” For this feature, users can now create multiple Action Sets and switch between them while playing. In other words, imagine you’re playing a game like Just Cause 3 or Grand Theft Auto, where you’re able to engage in multiple forms of transportation. Not everybody is as particular as the next guy, but some folks prefer to have their controls vary between walking, driving and flying, for instance. Rather than simply deal with the preset controls or constantly have to change them as you play, you can now pre-set controls for those three different situations. So once you hop in a car, for instance, a couple of button presses will have you swapped over to your preferred driving controls without having to leave the action.

The update ends promising even more configuration freedom will be added soon, with the ability to switch between uses more seamlessly. Instead of going into a menu, for instance, imagine if you can swap to driving controls simply by double-tapping a button. Want to fly? Hold the button for a couple seconds and you’re switched over without having to leave the action for a moment.

Another example they give is the ability to cycle through weapons in shooters. If you’ve got a preferred piece of gear in a game like DOOM or Call of Duty, you’ll be able to program a button input to bring it up automatically rather than cycle through your options.

Also added with the June update are Steam VR support for the Steam Controller and the ability to use the device’s Force Reactors to provide rumble effects from games.
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