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Valve announced tonight that Steam Guides are now available to all Steam users. This new feature allows players to construct helpful documents for their favorite games and share them with the community.

To start, go to the Community Hub for any game or software on Steam. Then click the new "Guides" tab on that page. From there, you can browse all of the FAQs, walkthroughs and other documents already written by the community.

Alternately, you can start working on your own guide. It can be completely text or you can spice it up with Table of Contents links, images, videos, and tables. After that, you can instantly publish it. Players can rate each other's guides to ensure that the cream rises to the top.

The Guides feature has actually been available to Steam Community beta users since December. As such, there's already a huge amount of guides available to view. Team Fortress 2 alone has 186 guides as of now.

When this feature was first announced, I hoped that these walkthroughs would be viewable in-game so you wouldn't have to alt-tab to look at them. Valve, as it turns out, was planning that very thing. While you're playing any Steam game, hit Shift-Tab to bring up the overlay and find your guides. Pretty neat, huh?