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Steam Hits 50 Million Users, Unveils Big Picture Mode

If you thought Valve couldn't get more consumer friendly, they just did. The new Big Picture Mode celebrates their milestone of racking up more than 50 million users, and enables users to play games, chat with friends and browse the web via the Big Picture Mode.

So how does it work? Simply attach your PC or Mac to your TV via an HDMI cable and you're good to go. That's it. It's almost even easier than hooking up a console.

John Clark, Vice President of Digital Distribution at Sega commented in the press release saying...

"Sega's roots are in living-room gaming."... "For the first time since the advent of PC games decades ago, gamers are finally going to have access to the kind of entertainment experience we've always wished they could have with our PC titles - one that's incredibly social, comfortable, and accessible. We're excited about the opportunity, and Big Picture has inspired us to bring even more of our titles to Steam in the future."

With 50 million users at their bidding, Valve has amassed an army of loyal gamers who will now follow them from the PC monitor to the TV screen and do so gaming all the way across the room. Check it out in the trailer below.

According to a PC Master Race member, Zabhazard, he comments that...

We of the PC master race now claim even more territory of those? console peasants. The only reason to own a console at this point is a Nintendo console because they are unique.

Uh, well said...I guess. But the 360's controllers still rock, and the PS3's original design is still as sexy as goat's milk next to a platter of Windsordale truckle cheese, also known as a stomach hurricane. Oh yeah.

Anyway, Valve's Big Picture mode has been made easy for controller use, so it's almost as if Valve is prepping for some kind of hardware revolution where you can easily play and access PC games from a dedicated hardware device with a simple controller hooked up to your TV. Hmmm.

Jedi Master Gabe Newell also had a few words to share with his fellow padawans, saying...

"PC gaming continues to be the leading edge of entertainment, whether it's social gaming, MMOs, graphics hardware, free-to-play, or competitive gaming," ... "With Big Picture for Steam, we are trying to do our part to give customers and developers what they want - their games, everywhere, optimized for the environment in which they are playing."

Cool beans. This will be an awesome feature for gamers with high-end PCs and big-screen TVs...assuming you have a really long HDMI cable to reach from your PC to your TV. You can learn more by visiting the Official Big Picture Mode Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.