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The mobile app for digital game platform Steam has been updated with patch 1.2. This update adds, among other things, native support for the iPad tablet.

The Steam Mobile app allows players to stay in touch with their friends and groups while they're on the go. It also provides the user with a steady stream of gaming news from syndicated websites. Last but not least, it lets you create wishlists or purchase items.

If you don't have any willpower, I would strongly recommend not downloading the app. Being able to purchase games with a couple presses of a button can be too tempting, especially during sales events. About half of the games I bought during this year's holiday sale were impulse buys through my iPhone.

Patch 1.2 also makes a number of other changes to the app, including localization and bug fixes. You can now appear "offline" on chat without actually logging out of Steam. Furthermore, you can close the global navigate menu by dragging your finger on the right side of the touchscreen.

The app can be downloaded here. Screenshots of the iPad version are below.