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Steam Pre-loaded Into All Alienware Computers: Valve Becomes More Dangerous

If you thought Steam was dangerous before, you’re going to love it now. Dell announced that all Alienware computers will come pre-loaded with Valve’s Steam. So in the same way that Microsoft has put a stranglehold on the computer OS software, it looks like Steam is doing the same for digital distribution.

According to the press release Frank Azor, Senior Manager of Product Planning for Dell’s Gaming Group commented, saying....

“With its automatic game updates, easy friend finding and the ability to play your Steam purchased games on any PC, Valve has helped simplify PC Gaming to make it more enjoyable.” ... “It’s for these reasons; we selected Steam to compliment the Alienware experience.”

Steam and a free copy of Portal will be pre-loaded into the Area-51 and Aurora desktops and the M17x and M15x laptops. There’s also a special page on the Steam page for the Alienware line of computers. You can learn more about the new Steam regime by visiting the Alienware page on Steam

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.