If you're a tablet gamer and you're still not accustomed to or like the touchscreen gaming controls found in a lot of games, there's a new solution for you from Steel Series called the Free TouchScreen gaming Controls, which attach to your tablet device and enable you to play games just like using console-style controls.

The TouchScreen Gaming Controls are interdependent buttons that attach to your tablet screen along with an analog stick for movement controls. The analog sports the standard full rotation and eight-direction indentions so you have an orientation on how the analog works.

The TouchScreen Gaming Controls would probably come in handy for third-person or racing titles found on tablets or large touchscreen devices. I doubt they would be good for first-person shooters or puzzle games that require a bit more of a position-sensitive hands-on approach. Also, I tend to doubt you'd have much luck trying to fit the buttons and analog on an Galaxy SIII or iPhone 5, so the use of the buttons are wholly limited to tablet devices.

While I wouldn't be too excited about the Steel Series TouchScreen Gaming Controls, I could see how they could be beneficial for those who tablet game frequently either on their way to work, riding on the bus or subway, or commuting from one place to the next. Otherwise, a better alternative would simply be to get a PS Vita.

You can grab the Steel Series TouchScreen Gaming Controls for only $19.99. You can learn more by visiting the Official Website.

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