CES 2012 proved to be a great time for SteelSeries to unveil a smorgasbord of brand new gaming peripherals for a number of different devices and uses, including a wireless Bluetooth enabled controller for mobile devices and PC, as well as a brand new headset.

Kim Rom, SteelSeries CMO commented in the press release, saying...
“With the Designed by Gamers campaign, it was the first time we asked our fans and followers to choose a design for us, and we were incredibly proud to see the response from the community – it makes sense that consumers, specifically our consumers want to have a say in what we’re creating..."

The mice includes the Kana, Kinzu V2 and Kinzu V2 Pro Edition, each with various options and customizable abilities to edit and create profiles for different games. Professional grade DCPI and tournament quality optical sensors will help gamers achieve top-notch performance against the competition in any scenario. You can learn more about the Kana, the Kinzu V2, or the Kinzu V2 Pro Edition on their respective pages.

The other SteelSeries device was the wireless Ion, which is Bluetooth compatible and can work on PCs and mobile devices effortlessly and easily. The classic control works with tablet devices, phones and PC gaming. It's small and compact so you can store in your pocket, purse, handbag, man-bag or briefcase with ease. You can check out more screenshots and info on the Ion over on its official page.

The final device SteelSeries unveiled at this year's CES was the Flux Headset, which is a travel friendly set with 40mm driver units and a 3.5mm jack for Macs, PCs and mobile devices. Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO shared a few comments on the Flux, saying...
“This headset is meant to be more about the user, versus just another audio option – we brought together color and plate design options with the versatility of being able to plug in and use the audio and microphone with any device. If you play games on your PC, you most likely also listen to music and make calls, and you want a headset that will allow you adapt.”

The device also comes with a daisy chain which enables users to plug in an additional headset, which means multiple users can listen to music, movies or other media from a single device. That's pretty rad if I must say so myself.

You can learn more about the Flux Headset over at its official page. To get a complete rundown and pricing for all of the devices in this article, feel free to check out SteelSeries Official CES 2012 Webpage.

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