A controller controlled by your feet...that's the Stinky Footboard for you. Despite the off-putting name, the design, look and actual operation of the bipedal manipulated board is actually quite inventive and the creators of the device are looking for a little funding to the tune of $75,000 on Kickstarter to make the device widely available to everyone.

As noted on the Kickstarter page...
Our innovative technology allows for lightning-quick action with precise control all the while keeping your foot resting on the footboard in a relaxed, natural position. This means more functionality; improved gameplay, enhanced performance; and increased actions per minute (APM), all while keeping control and your fingers on the action.

If the Kickstarter goes through they're planning on mass producing the Stinky Footboard for an official June release at a $120 mark, which isn't too bad considering that you could technically use the Footboard for things like an alternative pedal mechanism in simulation racing games, or as rudder controls for flight simulators.

Using the Footboard in fighting games might prove to be interesting or assigning “kick combos” to the Stinky Footboard might work pretty well for beat 'em up games.

The board offers up plenty of customization and versatility for gamers and while the initial concept of a foot-based controller seems a little unviable for gaming, the more you think about it, read about it and see it in action the more the Stinky Footboard looks like a pretty decent accessory for gamers looking to expand and explore their interactive gaming habits.

You can learn more about the Stinky Footboard by visiting the Official Kickstarter Page.

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