We already knew that DLC characters would be coming to Street Fighter V, but now Capcom has begun the process of releasing details as to what fans can actually expect out of the game’s post-launch plans.

Until now, the latest crop of details surrounding Street Fighter V came to us via the PlayStation Experience hosted earlier this December. Now, thanks to a recent interview with 4Gamer, Street Fighter V Producer Koichi Sugiyama has started to talk a little more directly about what fighting fans can expect out of the game’s first five DLC characters.

Along with releasing lots of new trailers for fighters new and old over the past several months, Capcom has revealed that five additional fighters are currently planned to kick it up a notch in Street Fighter V, including Urien, Juri, Ibuki, Alex, Balrog and Guile.

Sugiyama explained that details are especially scarce on those characters because they are still early on in the development stage, though team member Woshige said that fans should expect to hear some additional information soon, as he’s already got plans on how he wants the fighters to turn out. Will Guile get a Ryu-esque beard? Could Cammy’s butt slap be transferred to Balrog? Only time will tell.

As for the timing of release, it sounds like Capcom is planning to bring out the fighters one at a time, every two months. That would mean a year’s worth of DLC following the initial launch of Street Fighter V later this year. That’s great news, especially since Capcom has already pulled back the curtain on a surprising new delivery method.

For starters, yes, you will be able to buy the new DLC characters as they are released. You won’t have to purchase them, however, as you’ll also be able to spend a form of in-game currency called Fight Money. You’ll earn Fight Money simply by playing the game, taking the battle online and competing in daily challenges. In other words, Capcom is using DLC characters as a way to reward the game’s most loyal players, which is also a great way to get less dedicated players to put in some additional time with the game to keep the community more active.

Even better is the fact that, unlike the past decade’s worth of fighting games like Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue and the like, Capcom has promised that there won’t be a new version of Street Fighter V every year. One version of the game will launch for PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016 and all updates will be plugged into that version of the game rather than requiring payers to keep buying the newest version with some tweaks and additional characters thrown in. This model sounds like a step in the right direction, one that should save gamers some money as well as keep the folks who play the game united under a single umbrella.
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