You've seen the announcement, now get ready for the game. Capcom unleashed the first promo trailer for Street Fighter X Mega Man, pitting Blue Boy Bomber against some of Street Fighter's most renowned pugilists, including Chun-Li, Ryu, Dhalsim, and Rolento.

The trailer lays out some of the game's features, including Mega Man's ability to take hold of eight brand new weapons, including shields, projectiles and new melee attacks, as well as traverse through a series of completely new stage designs, all replicating the 8-bit era. Check it out below.

The game looks pretty fun. Old-school fun.

I'm curious if 'ole Mega's will still have his charge-up? Anyway, the game has come along well enough that Capcom is confident the game will meet the December 17th launch date with nary a problem. You'll be able to pick up the retro-style game in celebration of Mega Man's 25th Anniversary.

Capcom was even nice enough to give the game away for free, so you don't have to worry about dropping any dimes or dollars for the game. Although, my Spider-sense tells me there could be some DLC for the game if it does well(?) We'll see. Anyway, you can look for Street Fighter X Mega Man on Capcom's Official Website.

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