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Capcom does right by the gaming community and releases the community-developed (and conceptualized) game, Street Fighter X Mega Man, available right now for free. The game can be downloaded from Capcom's official website for $0.

The game was released in celebration of the 25th anniversary for the mean Blue Bomber and Capcom wanting to pay tribute to his service in bringing them so much success over the years, including putting Capcom on the map as a major player during the NES and Gameboy era.

The game caused a bit of a stir because it wasn't actually developed and designed by Capcom but by a devoted fan. Capcom is just working as an official sponsor and distributor for the title, which is why there isn't an actual price tag on the game. Heh, you really think Capcom would give up $$$? Of course not. But since they didn't spend anything to make the game they don't have to worry about losing anything by giving it away for free and it helps repair a little bit of their tarnished relationship with angry Mega Man fans who are still peeved over Mega Man Legends 3...or rather, its absence from existing as a purchasable product.

You can head on over to Capcom Unity right now and grab a free copy of the game which is available exclusively for PC.