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Suda51's New DS Game Coming Soon

What I'm about to copy-paste for your eyes to see is probably the greatest press release ever. Apparently, a game called Flower, Sun, and Rain is a PS2 game that's getting a DS port and will be on the shelves of US retailers on June 16th of this year, as it has just gone gold. The game is developed by XSEED, who are probably the most secretly awesome developers on the DS right now, so despite the lame title, I'm pretty interested. What made me more interested is the following press release, which attempts to describe the story of the game... (Oh, and Suda51 is involved?!)

"On the tropical island of Lospass sits a seaside resort called Flower, Sun, and Rain. On the surface, this island oasis resembles everything you would find on a picturesque vacation; swimming pools, the bright shining sun and an ocean paradise waiting to invigorate even the weariest of travelers. However, all is not as it seems at the Flower, Sun, and Rain Resort. While the tourists are busy soaking in the sun, a bomb has been detected on a plane docked at the island’s only airport.

Sumio Mondo, a searcher, has been urgently summoned to the island by the owner of the resort to help defuse the bomb before it interrupts the carefree island atmosphere. Upon his arrival, Sumio becomes caught in a time loop as the events of the same day are played out over and over again, each day culminating with an explosive end at the hands of the terrorists. With the aid of his trusty computer, Catherine, Sumio is able to tap into the minds of his subjects and hopefully stop the explosive device that threatens to destroy the entire island."

So... yeah... what? Apparently this DS version of the game will include 50 new puzzles, although I doubt any of you played the original PS2 game anyway. Rest assured, my friends, I will be trying to get ahold of a review copy of this one.