Trendy Entertainment sent out word today that The Summoner, a new hero class in Dungeon Defenders, has joined the playable ranks of heroes currently in the game. The Summoner is a completely different class from every other hero on the game, because he's like his very own RTS game.

If that last line doesn't make any sense, don't worry about it. Trendy sent out a new video to explain how The Summoner works in Dungeon Defenders, and he's pretty cool because he doesn't get attacks and he doesn't have towers, however, he can build up his very own army.

I think the interesting thing about The Summoner is that not only is he pretty neat, gameplay wise, but he also looks like a complete dominator. The garb, the shadowy face, the skeletal hands...Trendy really did an excellent job designing the character.

The Summoner is currently available, along with the other recently added character, the Bounty Hunter, which is basically a clone of Samus Aran from Metroid.

You can pick up the Summoner for $3.99 as an optional download right now for the PC rendition of Dungeon Defenders. You can learn more about the new class, his abilities and more by paying a visit to the Official Dungeon Defenders Website.

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