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There's a new indie game on the horizon similar to movies REC and Paranormal Activity called Survival Zero. I didn't think the whole found footage thing would work for a video game, but someone was creative enough to make the leap from watching people make stupid mistakes in found-footage movies to playing those same people who make stupid mistakes in a found-footage game.

DSO Gaming spotted the new trailer for Hidden Panda Games' upcoming first-person horror title. You can check out the first bit of gameplay below.

According to DSO, Survivor Zero will arrive for Mac, Linux and PC. The game will sport an open-world adventure with non-linear progression similar to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. There will be constant threats, monsters and supernatural beings to contend with as gamers explore and investigate the surrounding areas while recording the events unfolding before them.

It appears as if one of the hooks of the game is the battery life of the recorder, as players will have to contend with keeping the lights and battery active to stay alive...maybe? Anyway, there isn't a whole lot of details available for the game yet but as it draws closer to release I'm sure we'll learn enough to make us either throw money at the screen or hold the wallet.