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It’s impossible to deny Apple devices as a force to be reckoned with in the game-o-sphere these days, so it’s no surprise that a digital gaming magazine with those devices specifically in mind is now available on the App store. Enter swipe magazine, Steel Media’s latest publication built from the ground up with iDevices and interactivity in mind.

Unlike many digital publications, swipe is built with interactive HTML5, meaning that you’ll be getting hands on with your new magazine in far more ways than simply *ahem* swiping to turn the page.

swipe was designed specifically for the iPad and can be picked up right this moment, free of charge. Future versions, dubbed swipe lite are in the works for use on iPhones, iPods, iToilets, etc.

In a statement from Steel Media, editor Joao Diniz Sanches said working on a digital magazine focused squarely on the best content for iDevices has been a “rewarding” experience.

“…When you add in the dynamic, fun interactive elements that a digital magazine format allows, you’re then able to push the reader experience to a new level, to bring it to life,” he added.

Issue one of swipe features quite a bit of content, including a first look at Rovio’s follow-up to Angry Birds, Amazing Alex, game reviews, an interview with David Braben (Elite), a top 10 RPGs list, a discussion on “freemium” gaming, tips for several games and more.

Again, it’s hard to argue with the price. If you’ve already forked over half a grand to own an iPad, you shouldn’t have much of a problem spending zero more dollars on a digital magazine. Check it out for yourself on the App store.

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