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BlueHole Studios released some new footage for their upcoming AAA MMO, TERA Online. The new trailer is a short montage for the Castanic race, you know that group of horned Elven looking people where the women are always doing sexy dances and shaking their hips? Yeah, that race.

The trailer doesn't explain anything about race at all. In fact, the trailer doesn't do much but show off those swinging hips and sexy bods I mentioning earlier. On the upside, they do show the race in the form of several different classes, including a sword-wielding warrior, a bow wielding archer and as a dancing mage.

It's too bad they didn't really highlight the real feature of TERA Online: non-targeting combat. That's right, this is no point-and-grind MMO like the other Korean WoW clones out there. Combat is entirely in realtime and players will have to react and respond with timely dodges, counter-attacks and special skills all without the help of auto-target. It's a skill-oriented MMO that could really help change the face of MMOs, especially with the new political system where players can govern and run the towns sprawled across the game world.

You can learn more about TERA Online by paying a visit to the Official Website. The game is set for release on May 1st.