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En Masse Entertainment and BlueHole Studio released a new trailer for the upcoming MMORPG, TERA Online, featuring a Grimm story about a girl, a witch, a few witch hunters, a fire, a feast and um, well let’s just say a less-than-happy ending for the physically endowed.

The trailer focuses on a big-booby girl who runs away from home dressed like a woman of the night (maybe that was the reason her parents were getting all up into her business) and she decides to run to an old lady who turns out to be a little something more than what the big-booby girl thought. Things all go downhill from there and then…well, I won’t spoil the story but the trailer will definitely make you want to strap up some metal and go witch hunting. Check it out for yourself.

I’m sure that girl’s plastic surgeon was pissed off about two of his most prestigious works of art going to waste like that (another added reason the parents were probably pissed off at their daughter…did you see that dinkly house they were living in? I bet they could have used that plastic surgery money to add some useful items to the house, like a furnace).

Anyway, those hunters at the end there were pretty useless…apparently the surgeon’s equally satisfying work on the evil witch was distracting them from getting the job done and hence, they became food for the boob witch.

So what did we learn from all of this? Don’t let your daughter get double Ds and run off into the forest dressed like a Snoop Dog video dancer or else she might get tossed into a fire. Oh yeah, and if you find yourself facing down on a witch who had some work done and uses magic abilities, make sure you do what Perseus did and use your shield to block your eyes from becoming entranced with her rack…otherwise you might become witch food. So yeah…remember that.

You can look for TERA Online to go live in spring of 2012 for PC. For more info or to sign up for the beta be sure to visit the Official Website.