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Bluehole is still hard at work on the next-gen MMO, TERA Online, and it’s probably one of those games where you’ll need to likely upgrade your PC to play it. While we all anxiously await its release, some new promotional videos featuring a few bosses from TERA has been released showing off some of the epic teamwork and tactics required to take them down.

You can check out the new boss battle videos below, and if I must say so myself the visual effects really are of the highest caliber for this title. Bluehole did a fantastic job making every single moment look as if it’s part of a cinematic story sequence.

I don’t know if I’m more excited about TERA or Blade & Soul. Both games have some awesome visuals and are running on the latest middleware tech. One thing is for sure, whether you like MMOs or not the next-gen of massive multiplayer online titles are giving retail games a huge run for their money in the aesthetics and gameplay department.

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