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En Masse Entertainment has announced that Bluehole Studios' TERA: Rising has really hit it off with gamers everywhere, garnering them a very respectable 1.4 million concurrent users for the newly-turned free-to-play MMO. The game's high-end graphics combined with non-targeting, action-focused combat has really helped boost the MMO up compared to when it first launched.

Given the stiff competitive market for massive multiplayer online RPGs, En Masse had to make a quick move with TERA to recover the MMO from failing with a subscription-based model by turning it into a free-to-play title.

Chris Lee, CEO of En Masse Entertainment commented about the big boost in users, saying...
“We’ve been blown away by the waves of players logging into TERA, and we’re seeing amazing growth in both registrations and daily users. It’s always great to eclipse the one-million-player mark, and at our current rate, it won’t be long before we hit two million,”...“This success is pushing En Masse even harder to deliver more content and improve our service, so stay tuned!”

I'm curious how En Masse will approach the new content paradigm, because even after going free-to-play you need to keep your whales happy or else they'll leave and spend money elsewhere. For now, the short-term plan is to get out some new content to ensure that long-time players and new players can enjoy the PvP battlegrounds and further down the road, this summer, En Masse plans to unleash the 20vs20 player-versus-player arena, which should be a very, very, very interesting thing to see.

You can get in on the action right now, for free, by paying a visit to the Official Website and signing up to play TERA: Rising.